Steemit is not like facebook, on facebook many people plagiarise and post others people’s work without even thinking about copyright.

This type of activity is frowned upon on steemit. Think about this for a minute, u are posibly going to recieve revenue for your post. If you are trying to gain revenue from someone else’s work then voters are probably going to downvote you.
If you are going to post good honest original content you will probably do well on steemit.
Also if you can promote steemit or contribute to the steemit community in a positive way then people will probably upvote you.

Your first post on steemit should be your introduction post. This helps other users to see that you are infact a real human and not a bot.

You should take a picture of yourself holding a piece of paper, the paper should show the word steemit and your user name and date.
Most users who follow this precedure gain more attention and then potentially more revenue.